Johannes Brecht

Try / Talking Heads

Johannes Brecht's version of Try, sees the German producer add soft electronic and acoustic textures to complement Bugge Wesseltoft and Sidsel Endresen's original minimalist tune. Subtle electronics, shakers and strings provide the rising and falling backdrop to Wesseltoft original groove. A slow-burning tune, Brecht gives a human touch and a dynamic stage for Endressen's clearly spoken, optimistic vocals to shine in. TALKING HEADS Johannes Brecht's single Talking Heads sees the producer leverage his skills as a dancefloor veteran to construct a track that's elegant and poised from start to finish. The track's carried forward through a driving beat and retro synth washes, the constant backdrop atop which new sounds are added or removed. Through variations of itself which get built and rebuilt, Talking Heads slowly grows into an energetic and dancefloor-ready tune.

Listen to the Ep here