Johannes Brecht

A New Day

WE LOVE OUR PEOPLE feat. Seba Kaapstad Eerie and mysterious from the get-go, Johannes Brecht's new track We Love Our People is a hallucinatory trip through electronic percussion, vocals and granular textures. Far from linear, this is a journey that's made for discovering; Brecht goes on meanders where afrobeat percussion melts into climaxing strings and vocal samples by Seba Kaapstad. Through it all, a feeling of warmth embraces and lures the listener to go deeper. A NEW DAY Johannes Brecht's single A New Day exudes a feeling of optimism and new beginnings. Afrobeat-influenced acoustic percussions form the upbeat basis of the track, but it's the subtle synth chords and wistful strings that give it narrative and an emotional core. Brecht weaves elegance into easygoingness to create a single that's moving and filled with depth while remaining cool and careless.

Listen to the Ep here